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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 11:53:26 on June29,2002

    Entry number 87055

    keyword=LH2 target warmup

    Warmed up LH2 target (Loop 3). Unfortunately, MCC started on the "cool down"
    page of the procedure, meaning that they didn't start by closing the warm return.
    Things got a bit hairy after that... in part because they wanted to shut the beam off
    to isolate the scattering chamber vacuum. There was some confusion... and to
    save the ESR, we went back to cooling the target. Finally, we agreed to close
    off the beam, they closed to cold return, we opened the warm return, and the
    warm-up continued without further incident. The scattering chamber
    vacuum went up to ~4E-4 a couple of times, but calmed down within
    after about 15 minutes.

    Beam was turned off at approximately 10:30, and resumed at 11:15.

    Thanks to Kathy and JP, who provided the expert phone support.