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    User name Strong & Suleiman

    Log entry time 08:09:13 on June30,2002

    Entry number 87065

    keyword=G0 Test

    We started the test at 23:30 June 29. First we took 20 uA and put
    the beam at (0,0) as read by IPM1C06. Then, we moved the beam to X=+1 and
    X=-1. Then toY=+1 and Y=-1. Then, we went from Y=-1 to Y=+1 slowly
    (3 minutes).

    At 00:14 We changed the current to 70 uA. Stayed at (0,0), went to Y=+1. Then,
    Slowly went to Y=-1.

    00:30 Test Finished.

    Ed Strong will be analyzing the phase data he took in the BSY.
    Only part of the data we took in hall A will be useful since we had our
    ADCs max during part of the run (The INTEG_TIME was
    changed from 7000 to 12000).