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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 00:29:03 on October 4,2002

    Entry number 87296

    keyword=Target motion failure

    I tried to move from the loop 2 bottom cell to the thick carbon target.
    First I noticed that the black arrow that tells what cell is in beam position was not here anymore (It was here at the beginning of my shift. I don't know when and why it disappears. I did not touch the target during my beamless shift).
    After a little move (from encoder position 4831690 to position 4793791) the target stopped to move and the error and brake lights appeared on the lifter status. Then the target seemed stuck (I tried to move it again).
    I called the target on call person (JP Chen) and he advised me to reboot the IOC and also tried different target positions).
    I rebooted the IOC twice but it did not solve the problem. Jian-Ping told us then to page Dave Meekins. Dave told us that he need to work on the target to fix the problem.
    So we asked MCC for a control access.