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    User name Reitz

    Log entry time 20:59:23 on October 4,2002

    Entry number 87332

    keyword=raster, bpm and espace

    CODA runs 1131 and 1132 were taken in withroc14 configuration.
    Raster was on. We've asked for 2*2mm and 1.5*1.5mm. spot_roc14
    reconstructed 3*3mm and 2.2*2.2mm at the target position.
    The otr target at 1h04a gave similar results.
    The beamline ADCs in ROC 2 (upper crate, right HRS) do see
    the bpm/raster information, the raw data looks fine (no saturation)
    => it is fine to run CODA in the coinc configuration.
    However, at this time we have no absolute calibration for those ADCs,
    since todays bulls eye scan failed - but one can do it later on.