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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:11:35 on October 5,2002

    Entry number 87356

    keyword=miscellaneous / HOWTO for BPM pedestals

    A few things fixed or checked since 08:00:

    1. Fixed online deadtime calculation in "datamon" to account for T9 (the
    30 Hz un-prescalable trigger).
    2. Fixed pedestal runs, so that pedestals are not suppressed for BPM/raster
    data in fastbus (also not for helicity flag data). Did a pedestal run 1136.
    3 . ESPACE complains about synchronization errors. There is always one extra
    gate in ROC1 at start of run, but clean afterwards. (See ~adaq/synch/README).
    4. I checked run 1131 for BPM/raster data. I agree with B. Reitz that the fastbus
    data looks ok. We'll do a "bpm pedestal run" when there is no beam.

    BPM Pedestal Run procedure :
    (i)... No beam
    (ii)... WITHROC14 config
    (iii)... Go to MCC and ask them to: Open BPM EPICS control (expert screens).
    (iv)... Change "auto gain" to "forced gain" for the BPMs 4A,4B.
    (v)... Put the forced gain values to zero.
    (vi)... Take pedestals for 5 minutes with pulser trigger T8.
    (Success is achieved if the pedestals look like delta functions, i.e. very narrow.)
    (vii)... Put BPMs back into "auto gain".