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    User name Ransome

    Log entry time 15:55:06 on October 5,2002

    Entry number 87375

    keyword=shift summary

    Shift summary
    8:00 shift starts with beam off
    Start a run at 8:03 for straight throughs with thick carbon target
    8:30 beam off, injector problems
    both Q1 trip, ask for entry. MCC wants to take a few minutes to finish
    8:58 Gayou, Glashausser, Michaels enter hall
    9:13 Hall closed up
    9:25 MCC says beam tripping at 1 uA, they'll work on it.
    9:33 Beam back at 20 uA
    Q1-R tripped around 11:00. We will keep running.
    12:20 MCC says they can't keep beam above 12 uA, will run
    there for a while.
    13:30 MCC says they will try to increase current to 17 uA
    13:50 Current up to 20 uA
    16:00 Smooth running until end of shift - 400K golden fpp events