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    User name Dutta

    Log entry time 08:01:16 on October 6,2002

    Entry number 87437

    keyword=10/06/02 Owl Shift Summary

    Shift Summary
    Owl shift 10/06
    Gilman, Moffit, Dutta

    00:00 - 1:55 Runs 1151-1155
    LH2 coincidence runs with ~3.8M events

    1:55 R arm Q1 trips - it is reset

    2:30 - 3:35 Runs 1156-1157
    Lh2 coincidence runs with ~1 M events

    3:35 Change to thin carbon target
    3:35-4:00 Run 1158 - coincidence run on thin 12C to check pointing

    4:00 Begin changing momentum and angle of spectrometer
    4:40 Spectrometer set for kinematics "ep4-2"
    Pr=2.56, theta_r=30.134 P_l=2.246, theta_l=34.906

    5:00 Begin ruuning in kinematics "ep4-2"

    5:00-5:10 Run 1160 coincience run on Carbon target for pointing

    5:10 change to lH2 target
    5:20 start running with lH2 in kine ep4-2
    5:20-5:55 Run 1161 lh2 coincidence run ~450K events

    5:55 Right Q1 trips again, call for access to reset.
    6:20 Q1 is back to normal, resume data taking

    6:23-8:00 Runs 1162-1164 lh2 coincidence running ~2.4M events

    At end of shift we have collected 2.4M events on the lH2 target at the
    ep4-2 kinematics.