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    User name Issam Qattan

    Log entry time 23:02:36 on October 6,2002

    Entry number 87517

    keyword=Changing header file for kin#4

    When we changed to kinematics point # 4 (elastic ep 4-4) , I had to do the following:

    (1) emacsed e00007_physics.kumac and e00007_det.kumac and set scat_num=4
    It was set to 3 for the previous kinematics (elastic ep 4-3).

    (2) made a new header file: hdr_lh2_kin4. I modified the angles and the dipole fields to:
    theta_L=43.604 degrees.
    theta_R=-22.317 degrees.
    Left Dipole field=6.2432 kG.
    Right Dipole field=11.3701 kG.
    The dipole fields in the header file were the fields from the Hall A General tools screen multiplied by 10 to convert Tesla to kiloGauss.