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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:55:13 on October 7,2002

    Entry number 87560


    keyword='spot' works for fastbus data now

    The program 'spot' (or spot++, or raster, or... they all point to the same), works
    now for the new fastbus readout of BPM/raster data. Below is a comparison for
    run 1132 which was taken in WITHROC14 config. The reconstructed position is
    slightly shifted and distorted, but this can be taken out with calibration. The default
    calibration is, as usual, in ~adaq/bpmcalib/calib.dat. 'spot' reads this file (or can
    use internal data, if proper option chosen). 'spot' still works on ROC14 data using
    the '-r' command line option. As usual, type 'spot -h' for help.

    FIGURE 1