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    User name solvigno

    Log entry time 05:53:01 on October 8,2002

    Entry number 87602


    keyword=TS0 crashed and have it back

    TS0 crashed. End Run didn't happen.
    So killed coda and rebooted all rocs.

    Now prestart fails.

    In the following the error message from TS0 window:

    rolp->daproc = 1
    Readout list compiled Wed Sep 18 17:33:33 EDT 2002
    daLogMsg: Readout list compiled Wed Sep 18 17:33:33 EDT 2002
    adaqs3:cat: input error on standard input: Is a directory
    Trigger Interface address = 0xefff0ad0
    User Download Executed
    daLogMsg: User Download Executed
    daLogMsg: downloaded
    Buffer pointer at 0x157e328
    Buffer pointer at 0x147db20
    Buffer pointer at 0x137d318
    Buffer pointer at 0x127cb10
    dabufp set to 0x157e734
    roc_cleanup: try msgQSend args = 19C3A48.
    prestarting,run 1226, type 0
    daLogMsg: prestarting,run 1226, type 0
    no next ROC in token chain
    opening datalink to
    daLogMsg: opening datalink to
    Output to ""
    output switch is 0
    in C prime is
    Error invalid command name ""