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    User name Lindgren

    Log entry time 08:08:56 on October 8,2002

    Entry number 87613

    keyword=shift summary

    00:30 AM In trying to move to the carbon target the mechanism got stuck in between targets. We called Mike Seely who came in and inspected the mechanical fixture.
    The controller indicated a hardware fault. It is still faulting, but spurious.
    03:00 AM Went to Beam permit.
    03:15 AM Start taking data on carbon target. Mike is waiting until we change to deuterium target in case there is a problem.
    03:30 stopped the run after 100,000 events
    03:30 change to deuterium
    04:00 Still tuning beam. At 8 microamps, it hits a BPM while orbiting
    04:45 Start run 1218 with 16.9 microamps, Set prescale factors as indicated. 20% deadtime
    05:00 Adjusting prescale factors for hadron arm to lower deadtime. Count rate appears higher than expected.
    05:30 TS0 computer crashed, can not reboot computers, kill coda twice, still failed
    06:00 Page run coordinator
    06:15 AM Taking data Run 1227
    06:35 AM End run 1227 1 M events
    06:35 AM Start run 1228 do not change field in leff arm until next run
    07:10 AM changed field of right arm to 0.976331
    07:08 AM End run 1228 1M events Start run 1229
    08:00 AM End run 1229 1M events Start run 1230