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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:00:56 on October 8,2002

    Entry number 87631

    keyword=Re: DAQ problems (TS0)

    The recent problem with CODA (halog 87852 and 87602) is the
    following: TS0 does not make event output, so its output is specified
    in the CODA database as "none". For some reason, this string suddenly
    becomes "" (i.e. an empty string) and the TS0 software chokes on this.
    All manner of reboots don't fix it. At the time it was happening I queried
    the database and the string did report "none", so I can't understand why
    TS0 sees "".

    What "fixes" this is switching configurations. One can imagine toggling
    between COINC and UNBUFF config. I realize this is very unsatisfying
    and am thinking of a better solution. In the meantime, reconfigure. Also
    it seems COINC is working fine, and I agree it is ok to run like that.