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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 07:41:17 on October 9,2002

    Entry number 87683

    keyword=halogscript stuck

    The shift complained about DAQ problems. Very slow
    end-of-run and very slow pop-up of TCL GUI. The scripts
    are executing very slowly. One anomaly is that there are
    160 halogscript processes hanging. To avoid future inter-
    ference I moved the cron job for adaq account to adaql1 (it
    was formerly on adaql1 but I had moved it to adaql2 before
    the run because cron seemed not to work on l1). Anyway
    its a good idea to seperate the problems. I would suggest
    rebooting adaql2 at the earliest opportunity, to clear all the
    hanging processes. There are about a factor of 6 more
    processes than normal, I think.