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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 18:49:21 on October10,2002

    Entry number 87860

    keyword=target/beam position and upstream window peak

    Summary of the beam/target position vs. the large peak at the upstream window:
    During the day shift the large peak at the upstream window was seen and after
    moved beam down by 1mm, the large peak was mostly gone. But it appeared again
    at the end of the last shift/beginning of the swing shift. With minor adjustment of beam position, it became better. With Dave Meekins and Olivier, we tried the target vertical scan: First moved targte up by 2 mm, the peak was small. Moved another 2 mm, large peak came back. So decided to leav the target at 3mm above the original
    position and center beam at 0,0.

    So the new target encoder position for LD2 is 4821448. Original was 4852170.
    The conversion is 10240=1mm. The position is entered by hand now. Dave will
    make change some time later to make it to be default (will need a roboot of ioc).