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    User name F.Benmokhtar

    Log entry time 08:02:15 on October14,2002

    Entry number 88154

    keyword=Shift Summary

    00:00 When we came to the shift, we found that the magnet screen couldn't read the
    current on the Q1 for both left and right arm. There is no way to communicate with both power supplies. Gaussmeter is still reporting good field values.
    we compared the Analysis of this current run (1458) with the run # 1454, things
    look the same. Choi suggested to reboot IOC during day.

    Run Summary:
    1458.... 1M
    1459.... 1M
    1460.... 1M
    1461.... 1M
    1462.... 1M
    1463.... 1M
    1464.... Goes to trhe next shift.