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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 04:50:22 on October16,2002

    Entry number 88357

    This entry is a followup to: 88337

    keyword=missing wires in fpp front u

    When there is a group of missing wires in FPP front straws, 16 wires in planes
    1-3 or planes 4-6, it usually results from a blown fuse that supplies + or - 5 volt
    power to a stack of 3 readout boards

    In this case, it puts a false asymmetry into the front analyzer, so we lose
    p_y from the front. Cx and Cz should be okay due to the helicity flip.

    For the rear analyzer, there is no false asymmetry, but there will be in effect
    a reduced efficiency for the events that are not tracked in the front chambers.