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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:01:59 on October16,2002

    Entry number 88371

    keyword=experiment switchover

    Software switch of experiment to e01020. This involves:

    1. mv ~adaq/e00007 -> ~adaq/e01020 and some cleanup on adaqfs which
    was 93% full. Please ! Put your large outputs on the work disks.
    (But I will wait another day before deleting e00007 files. Backups exist).
    2. changed environment variable EXPERIMENT
    3. run number 2500 to avoid interference with previous run of e01020.
    4. removed links ~adaq/runlink
    5. backups of scaler history, epics files, etc, see /mss/halla/e00007/raw/*tar*
    6. other stuff you don't care about.