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    User name b. raue

    Log entry time 22:32:40 on October19,2002

    Entry number 88426

    keyword=beam on, wayne

    Beam in hall.
    5 uA. Checked beam spot on target viewer.
    Tried to do a harp scan. Spawned satanic message. Wazzup? Problem with harp 6. So only use harp 5. Scan 1860 Nice scan. But can't get corrections done.
    Do scan without raster. Nice spot: Horizontal 84 um. Vertical 93 um
    OTR looks funky.
    Asked for raster 2x2 mm. New harp scan. Ain't bad but size looks to be 3x3 at the
    Asked for raster 1.4x1.4 mm. Looking good.
    Turned off raster and center beam...(continued on next page)