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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 02:43:06 on October20,2002

    Entry number 88508


    keyword=DAQ problems and solution

    The DAQ was running with very high deadtime. The problem was traced
    to an ADC in slot 22 of ROC2. Tests showed no problem with the module itself
    and no large frontend deadtime. It turned out that the front panel gates were
    flooding the module with data. Although this signal seems ok, I switched to
    a back panel gate instead. Now it works fine again.

    I had to borrow a twinax cable that had been used to collect the busy signal
    from ROC2. Therefore, it is safer to run in UNBUFF mode until we replace
    this cable. Actually I think COINC is probably ok, since we impose a minimum
    deadtime which makes the busy signal practically unecessary, but without that
    cable there are no guarantees. So, UNBUFF for now.