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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 22:47:44 on October22,2002

    Entry number 88827

    keyword=adaqfs problems

    Recently adaqfs fileserver has been filling up. A major
    culprit is hbook (Paw) output.

    The recent order from the director is that one cannot delete
    files, but one can delete intermediate output. If unsure, you
    can move file to a work disk like /adaql1/work1 or make a
    tar file, put it in MSS, then delete. One rule of mine is to
    not delete a file from adaq account unless you *KNOW*
    what it is.

    If adaqfs fills up the DAQ and other things will stop working.
    Do not use adaqfs as a work (scratch) disk. The difference
    is adaqfs is backed up and smaller.

    I will clean a bit tonight but am out of town Oct 24-29.