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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 08:53:45 on October24,2002

    Entry number 88940


    keyword=Q1 trip: what to do.

    Reseting Q1: If Q1 trips, you probably need a controlled access to reset the power
    supply. Check the Q1 power supply front panel on camera (camera 3, left hand tv).
    This panel is in the Q1 power supply rack on the spectrometer power supply platform, of course. In the trips we have seen recently, three LEDs (top in the first column, top two in the second column) on two of the 4 groupings of LEDs are on.
    In the lower left hand corner of this view one can see a reset button and in the
    upper left hand corner one can see a key. In order to reset the power suply,
    press the reset button (which should clear the error LEDs), then turn the key
    to off, then back to on.

    Those steps should reset the power supply. One should now be able to bring Q1
    back up from the Monticello Q1 power supply control screen.

    It is expected that there will soon be a fix to the software that will allow a reset without a controlled access... so ignore these instructions if you have something more recent.