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    User name johna

    Log entry time 00:06:16 on October25,2002

    Entry number 88982

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    Summary for swing shift, Oct 24th.

    Finish up Q3D_d50, start and finish Q3_deN, start Q3D_e20.

    21:10 Lose beam to an RF trip - MCC estimates 20-30 minutes to recover. Since we already have TWO counts more than required for this setting, we start changeover for Q3_deN.

    21:45 MCC calls. They don't know why the RF zone is down. No estimate
    for repair (they are about ready to call in the experts).

    22:20 MCC restores beam. Since we didn't get a scintillator efficiency run at the last kinematics, we'll start with one at the Q3_deN setting.

    22:45 At about 700k events into run 2736, we get a HV alarm from some of the
    beamline HV channels (ch 0,1,10,11 from the first "(e,p) & ARC" channels -
    mainframe 2, card #1). Restored after a few minutes.

    23:20 Start optics run for Q3D_e20

    Run Summary:
    2730: Q3D_d50, 1M events, 100 microAmps
    2731: Q3D_d50, 1M events, 100 microAmps
    2732: Q3D_d50, 1M events, 100 microAmps
    2733: Q3D_d50, 1M events, 100 microAmps
    2734: Q3D_d50, 240k events, 100 uA, stop due to RF trip
    2735: Q3_deN - scintillator efficiency run.
    2736: Q3_deN - cross normalization run - 100 uA, 1M events.
    2737: Q3_deN - cross normalization run -110 uA (short run in case 2736 has
    problems due to HV trip).
    2738 JUNK (didn't set prescales)
    2739: Q3D_e20 - optics target, raster off
    2740: Q3D_e20 - production running, 100 uA, raster on - run in progress at end of shift