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    User name M JOnes

    Log entry time 01:55:17 on October27,2002

    Entry number 89076

    keyword=rebooted iocha48 for Q1 Left and right arm

    rebooted iocha48 for Q1 Left and right arm following the procedure
    taken from an email from Mark Stevens:

    If the Q1 magnet power supplies stop responding or respond
    abnormally to control inputs, you can reboot their ioc by going to this
    web page on any browser:


    Enter username hlauser, and password hlauser. You are now logged onto
    the reboot switch. This account only has the authority to reset outlet
    4, into which is plugged the subject IOC. To reboot the IOC, move the
    cursor below the subheading "individual outlet control for accessible
    outlets" and over to the "control action" column. Pull down the control
    action menu, and select the "delayed reboot"option. Then push the
    "apply" button under the "outlet" column. That's it.

    One note is that when the ioc froze there was no alarm just the Q1
    entries for current froze.