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    User name I. QATTAN

    Log entry time 16:58:41 on October27,2002

    Entry number 89135

    keyword=Changing from 4cm LH2 to 15 cm LD2 and JTV settings.

    Before we started Run # 2793, I had to do the following:

    (1) Close the JTV on LH2 loop (Loop #1). The JTV current position is 11.2 as read from TV monitor.

    (2) Lower the Fan Frequency for loop one to 23.97 as read from TV monitor.

    (3) Open the JTV on loop two (15 cm LD2) to 44.5 as read from TV monitor.

    (4) Turn loop two frequency up to 60. The actual value as read from TV monitor is 59.52.

    (5) Moved the target to 15 cm LD2.
    (6) Requested beam.