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    User name M Jones

    Log entry time 11:01:08 on October28,2002

    Entry number 89201


    keyword=problem with run 2812 ( flaky ROC2?)

    It seems that around event 226120 the right arm V1 and V2 planes don't show
    any hits . At first I thought the VDC HV, but it doesn't make sense since
    there was no alarm and I think that the HV is sent to TOP (U2 and V2)
    and Bottom (U1 and V1) so losing V1 and V2 without losing U1 and U2
    is odd. Maybe something flaky with the TDC or reading the ROC.
    V1 and V2 are in ROC 2 while U1 and U2 are in ROC1. Have investigate further.