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    User name weinstein

    Log entry time 00:04:19 on October29,2002

    Entry number 89230

    keyword=magnet and beam problems

    21:15 We're ready, accelerator tries to deliver beam
    21:25 A-line bcm problems. Time estimate = 40 minutes
    22:20 beam about to be delivered, right dipole too high (2.622 vs 2.617 GeV/c)
    22:26 oops. beam off
    22:29 beam back
    23:00 beam intermittent
    23:20 change the momentum setting in the right arm from 2.617 to 2.629 (to match the right dipole) and hope we can make up for it in software.
    23:50 try to lower P0 right back to 2.617. Dipole does not change. Calculate desired dipole current (927.58 A) and try putting in that value.