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    User name Eric

    Log entry time 16:59:51 on October31,2002

    Entry number 89387

    keyword=Energy Lock A/C

    At the end of the LT separation the Energy Lock may go to Hall C. Their fast
    feedback system is operational and the impact to Hall A should be a minimum as
    long as the lock is in operation. The beam energy translates to a beam position at
    1C12 and must be monitored continuously. The tolerance level has been determi-
    ned to +/- 0.2 mm that is +/-250 keV.

    Prescription for running under these conditions are the following:

    With Energy Lock in Hall C

    i) Position lock in Hall A arc must be on
    ii) Monitoring at any time of the eventual energy drift which must be kept within
    the limits +/-0.2mm from the central value

    IF for any reason there is NO BEAM in HALL C, the beam energy should be locked
    in Hall A .

    The Co-spokes United Corporation