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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 18:45:25 on June20,2003

    Entry number 103381

    keyword=HAPPEX DAQ setup in Left Arm

    Setup the Left Arm with a HAPPEX Crate. Contains adc#17 (a current integrating ADC). Notes: There is no PAIRSYNCH signal in this Arm. I have connected Helicity, MPS, Quadsynch... but the polarity of Helicity could be wrong.

    One can reach the DEBUG port of this crate by:

    Run the LeftSpec configuration in runcontrol.

    Runs of worthy value:

    3167 DACnoise Calibration Run. 20k

    Discovered, during the course of this setup, that Hall B and C are running with windelay = 0 (quad-random).

    I left three BNC->TwinAx adapters connected to the cables from the detectors. If it is discovered that the polarity of the signals is incorrect... I have left TwinAx inverting cables to use (near the Left Arm Happex Crate)