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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:48:41 on July 7,2003

    Entry number 103631

    keyword=helicity scheme - direct reporting

    Per request of Hari Areti the helicity scheme was changed to direct reporting.
    - pseudo-random quartet
    - non-line synchronized
    - direct reporting (not delayed).
    See e-log 1159141.
    For hall A this affects online packaging of scaler data. To accomodate the
    direct reporting I recompiled the VME code with OUT_OF_TIME_MODE=0
    and rebooted the VME crates. To test that all was ok, I observe that the helicity
    which goes via a V-to-F into channel 32 of normalization scaler will count a
    nonzero rate for one helicity and a zero rate for the other helicity, in xscaler,
    which is a consumer of the packaged data. Note, this is only a test of direct
    reporting since the helicity flag is used as "data" in this case and is by definition
    directly reporting.