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    User name Adaq

    Log entry time 11:07:28 on July15,2003

    Entry number 103861

    This entry is a followup to: 103856

    keyword=Left S2 ADC/TDC configuration

    A few more relevant notes about the new S2 in the Left HRS. I'm still working at fine-tuning the .kumacs to monitor S2's status.

    ADC: The ADC signal is known to be much weaker than for the other scintillator detectors -- only 10% of the original signal strength (by design) is making it to the ADC. Therefore, we expect the ADC spectrum to peak at less that 1000 ADC channels.

    TDC: The re-timing is being performed by the S1 Right PMTs, therefore the S2 TDC signals will have a significant width. In addition, each TDC channel for S2 corresponds to 50ps, as opposed to 100ps for S1 and the old S2.