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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 12:10:01 on July16,2003

    Entry number 104052

    This entry is a followup to: 104023


    keyword=more septum info, part 2

    see part 1 (104047) as well

    during septum training, when a quench occurs, the temps for both the upper and lower coil shoot up. typically the upper coil maxes out at 56K and the lower coils maxes out at 25K. looking at the data more closely, it appears that the lower coil quenched b/c we see a steep rise in temp (red) to about 25K, whereas the upper coil temp (blue) gradually rises probably due to the lower coil.

    my conclusion is that the lower coil quenched, but i can't say why.

    plot data:

    blue - upper coil temp
    maroon - he gas flow
    turqoiuse - he gas flow
    orange - he level
    black - septum current
    dark green - yoke temp
    red - lower coil temp