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    User name X. Zheng

    Log entry time 10:15:26 on July17,2003

    Entry number 104243


    keyword=L-arm event type problem

    For run #21380 on the left arm, we found that the event_type doesn't look correct in the espace/paw replay. Below are the trigger rates from End_of_run halog entry, where the raw trigger for T1 and T3 are not very high. However we see a large amount of T5 in PAW physics replay which means that there is too much overlap between T1 and T3 (see plot below). Do we need to unplug T1 on the L-arm, or it is something else?

    T1[0] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/1037.5 Hz T2[0] [PRES/REAL]:291.1/291.1 Hz T3[0] [PRES/REAL]:320.0/320.0 Hz T4[0] [PRES/REAL]: 0.6/17.1 Hz T5[0] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/0.0 Hz T8[0] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/1024.0 Hz
    T1[+] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/1038.9 Hz T2[+] [PRES/REAL]:292.2/292.2 Hz T3[+] [PRES/REAL]:321.2/321.2 Hz T4[+] [PRES/REAL]: 0.6/17.2 Hz T5[+] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/0.0 Hz T8[+] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/1024.0 Hz
    T1[-] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/1036.3 Hz T2[-] [PRES/REAL]:290.0/290.0 Hz T3[-] [PRES/REAL]:318.9/318.9 Hz T4[-] [PRES/REAL]: 0.6/17.0 Hz T5[-] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/0.0 Hz T8[-] [PRES/REAL]: 0.0/1024.0 Hz

    FIGURE 1