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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 18:57:45 on July17,2003

    Entry number 104331

    keyword=making bleedthrough measurements

    a bleedthrough measurement measures the amount of bleedthrough from Hall C into Hall A. during the first run this was a problem we discovered towards the end of the run. bleedthrough adversly affects the magnitude of our beam polarization and reduces our knowledge of the beam polarization. a bleedthrough measurement should be done at least once a shift or whenever the beam current is changed. to do a bleedthrough measurement:

    (1) call MCC and ask for one, they should know what to do
    (2) it should take about 2 min
    (3) when they are finished, HALOG the bleedthrough percent, attenuator value, slit position, hall A beam current, and hall C beam current. this info can be found in the ELOG or by asking the MCC operator. see fig for example of ELOG bleedthrough measurement entry
    (4) tell the RC the bleedthrough percent and write it on the whiteboard.

    FIGURE 1