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    User name Eugene

    Log entry time 01:01:30 on July18,2003

    Entry number 104367


    keyword=Moller results

    Beam conditions: 2.134 (accel) , Wien angles -72.0o.
    1/2 wavelength plate was OUT.
    The beam polarization (preliminary):

    The leakage from Hall C, working at 35µA was about 1.2%,
    at Hall A slit position of 13.0, att=600. The result above is NOT corrected for this

    Strangely, the helicity delay was neither 0 (expected) nor 8 (regular), but 1.

    Mott: (-76.03 +/- 1.68stat +/- 0.79sys) %
    (see ELOG)

    Full information: here.