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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 02:32:50 on July18,2003

    Entry number 104370

    keyword=medm problems pt 2

    since reboot didn't help anything, we called MCC. they asked us if we'd had this problem for 10+ min. i said yes. they called software on-call. Sally S. called back within minutes. i described to her the problem, she is looking into it.

    in the mean time, we tried in the following order:
    (1) tried to open hlamain.adl directly from medm, nope
    (2) killed all "/home/hac/WebMedm/medm -x hlamain.adl"
    (3) logged out, logged back in, ran "hlamain", nope
    (4) ran "medm", switched to "execute" mode, and opened the file "hlamain.adl"
    this gave us the tools screen, but it looked old, not all the things were reading back, and there were no magnet controls. this file was located in "/home/opshome/medm"
    also it was last modified in Nov 2001.
    (5) tried finding other "hlamain.adl" files, nope
    (6) found a couple of "hlamain" executables. they didn't do anything either.

    0227 asked for beam off. still waiting for callback from software on call. MCC said they will send someone over.