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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 11:54:11 on July18,2003

    Entry number 104479

    keyword=momentum plot for multifoil run

    Here the momentum for the 3 foils. Top left plot is y_tg. Top right is dp/p for the upstream foil. Bottom left is for the middle foil and bottom right is for the upstream plot.
    On the middle and downstream foils, we can see a very good resolution (5 10^-4 !) already as well as 3 nuclear excited states. On the upstream foil things are not so clear because of contamination from the Be window. We can actually see the Be peak (dp/p=-0.0035) after the C12 peak (dp/p=-0.0025). It looks taller because it sits on the C12 peak tail)

    FIGURE 1