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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 16:57:49 on July18,2003

    Entry number 104492

    This entry is a followup to: 104453


    keyword=Acceptance for +4% and -2%

    Here the sieve paterns for multifoils C12 target for elastic at dp/p=+4% and +2%.
    In fig 1, elastic is at dp/p=+4% (run 2347). The top left plot is y_target. Then top right is the sieve slit patern for the upstream foil, bottom left is the cental foil and bottom right is the downstream. Here positif x is horizontal away from beam line. Positif y is verical pointing up.
    Same in Fig 2 but for run 2355 (dp/p=+2%)
    The same for dp/p= 0% (run 2358) has been given in entry #104453 (note the different axis, see entry 104458)

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2