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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 19:18:46 on July19,2003

    Entry number 104996

    keyword=cell wall thickness info

    for the record:

    see figure 1 for cell/beam map. you are looking tranverse to the beamline. you are standing where the left septum would be. you are looking at the laser hut. the tranverse lasers would hit you in the face. beam left wall is closest to you.

    cell, win A, win B, beam left wall, beam right wall

    (how they were installed)
    ref cell 1, 9, unlabeled, 0.693mm, 0.638mm
    Penelope, 8, unlabeled, 0.694mm, 0.622mm

    (how they should be installed)
    ref cell 2, 11, unlabeled, 0.711mm, 0.610mm
    Priapus, 15, IV, 0.760mm, 0.600mm

    these thicknesses are online values, but they should be pretty close.

    FIGURE 1