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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 23:45:51 on July19,2003

    Entry number 105102

    keyword=Elastic asymmetries at 2.1 GeV look nice

    Here the elastic asymmetries at 2.1 GeV for the 4 possible configurations (top plot). I give as well the corresponding charge asymmetry and lifetime asymmetries.
    The elastic asymmetries look good when compared to the expectation. I choose cuts such as to avoid contamination (junk, quasi-elastic). The only contamination is from Nitrogen and has been found to be 2.1%

    The lifetime and charge asymmetries are very tiny. We see the sign flips for the lifetime asymmetry but not for the charge asymmetry (obviously we should not expect here a sign flip when we go from 0 to 180 degrees with the target but should we expect one when we insert the beam 1/2 wave plate ? It depends of the origin of the charge asymmetry and the position of the beam 1/2 wave plate in the source setup). We see also the expected (anti-)correlation between livetime asymmetry and charge asymmetry.

    Note: The lifetime is computed from scalers from the ring buffer but it is always sligthly > 1.

    FIGURE 1