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    User name Z.-E. Meziani

    Log entry time 14:50:55 on July20,2003

    Entry number 105379


    keyword=Target polarization

    Target polarization measurements:

    12:14 pm NMR measurement: 40.4%
    12:20 pm Attempted first EPR but failed.
    12:35 pm Check NMR again with the same result.
    12:45 pm Second EPR measurement successful
    from from a crude analysis the polarization is about 40%.
    see Pol. He3 logbook.
    Jaideep EPR analysis program complains about the size of the file.
    The analysis of the EPR signal could not be done using the EPR
    analysis software.
    13:10 Rotation of the field from 180deg to 270deg
    13:20 Transverse lasers (1,2,3) are on.
    13:32 Production started in transverse mode.