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    User name Aniol

    Log entry time 22:38:38 on July20,2003

    Entry number 105558

    keyword=septum temp plot

    The temps of the lower and upper coils are the red and blue lines. The first increase corresponds to going to 10 uA on the empty reference cell. The beam was then reduced to 3uA still on the empty cell. This corresponds to the downaward trend in the temperatures. The reference cell was pumped to 10 atm N2 with 3uA on it. This corresponds to the second rise. The stabilized lower temperatures correspond to the 3He tgt at 2.2uA. The temp range for the red curve is 6.15K to 5.95 K. The 10uA empty cell run was between 22:14 and 22:34.

    FIGURE 1