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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 00:49:57 on July23,2003

    Entry number 106296

    keyword=RWP Scan Attempted

    Some of the things done in the injector today seem to have had some effect on the Charge Asymmetry measured in the Hall. The IA cell was at it's endpoints to zero it.

    Attempted to do a RWP scan... but some of the target instruments seem to believe there's no target.

    Stopped the scan mid-way through.... Here's what I accomplished:

    Run 3576

    Lo Hi RWP Aq
    ----- ----- ---- ----
    2 5000 5250 2379
    8100 13000 6000 2199
    14000 END 7000 2103

    Informed the other halls before and after the scan.