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    User name Sulkosky

    Log entry time 23:04:50 on July23,2003

    Entry number 106364


    keyword=Access to check BeO position

    We made an access to check the BeO target, since the beam spot was off considerably in both x and y by about 5 mm when viewed on the target. I checked the BeO target and it did not seem to be damaged from the beam. However I also noticed that when the target ladder was installed, the extensions for the BeO target where not turned in the entire way. Plus the extensions were in at different lengths. This would result in the BeO target having an angle with respect to the beam line. After screwing the extensions in further, the BeO target was back in position where it was before the target ladder was replaced.

    Afterwards, the BeO target was removed for optics at 1 GeV.

    During the access, I also adjusted the cooling jets a bit to improve the cooling for the cell.