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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 08:25:32 on July26,2003

    Entry number 107008

    keyword=Owl shift summary

    Owl shift summary

    Shift crew : A. Camsonne
    J. Niedzila
    S. Frullani

    00:00 owl shift takes over during Moeller measurement

    2:00 Moller measurement done, restoring beam and tuning to position (0,0)
    asked 5 uA for HARP scan to check beam width

    2:15 First Harp scan
    width X =307 um
    width Y = 100.2 um
    asked to narrow in X and to try to turn fast feedback

    2:50 Y width still way under 100 um ( 22 um )

    3:30 moved to empty target for Bogdan
    continue beam profile with Harp scans
    Instabilities with HARP values in Y spread
    after one hour got run 2247,2248,2249 which look consistent
    with a beam spread in X of 207 um and 76 um in Y
    Decide to go with this value

    5:00 Raster check
    Beam raster does not look good
    Impossible to widen the rater in Y

    Around 5:30 Injector problem results in no beam for several minutes

    6:00 Turned raster off
    Started first run of acceptance with long foil

    6:20 Moved to multifoil target
    Started run with multifoil carbon target

    6:32 weird T1 value : check the T1 value which was around 30 kHz so set the prescale to 9, but later saw values of the order of 1Mhz to 10 Mhz during the run
    but beam went away, I'll try to catch it with an Halog when beams comes back.

    6:40 Cavity will be bypass no beam for a few minutes

    7:05 Beam coming back

    7:17 Beam is back
    will redo the runs at 3160 GeV/c because of the unexplained change in rate
    Run 22828

    Standing issues :
    beam profile : Harp working ? Beam stable ?
    raster : Y size not good

    Run summary
    Acceptance studies
    Run 22825/2818/3637 p=3160 MeV/c single foil 3M events for right arm
    Run 22826/2819 p=3160 MeV/c multifoil 3M events for right arm
    Run 22828/2821 p=3160 MeV/c multifoil 3M events for right arm
    Run 22829/2822 p=3160 MeV/c single foil 3M events for right arm