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    User name Olivier

    Log entry time 08:57:53 on July27,2003

    Entry number 107346


    keyword=Parity DAQ message

    We have the following message from the parity DAQ, but it still takes data. I don't know if it has always been here. Is it a real problem ? Maybe someone could answer ?

    codaDaReport, set rate to 2 Seconds , cmd result is 2000
    DBI->connect(online:adaqcp.jlab.org) failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'adaqcp.jlab.org' (111) at /adaqfs/halla/apar/pandb/perl/Start_of_Parity_Run.pl line 13
    Could not make database connect...yuz got problems...
    epicsRunStart ... for run 3671