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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 22:16:35 on July27,2003

    Entry number 107537

    keyword=go to 0 degrees for NMR

    21:33   ask for beam off, to go to NMR measurement and make
    kinematic change

    21:34   Transverse Lasers off

    21:35   rotate holding field 270 ° to 0 °

          wait for temperature to stabilize before NMR

    22:00   make NMR measurement (while Vince watches over my shoulder)

    22:02   start moving to Reference cell (empty) position

    22:05   At empty Reference cell position; ask for 5 µA so Compton
    can run (we are waiting for dipole)

          NMR result = 40.05 % polarization

    22:10   Dipole is set; start run with 10 µA on Empty Reference cell.