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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 00:46:09 on July28,2003

    Entry number 107569

    keyword=FSD Fault: Exit Beam Pipe

    MCC called right before midnight. they said that they could not deliver us beam due to an FSD fault. it had something to do with the exit beam pipe. see the screenshots below. this can be found from monitcello->FSD->1H001.

    the MCC shift crew is talking to the expert-on-call right now to determine whether this is real or some gauge failure.

    0040 MCC called. the safety systems engineer will be there within 20 min. until he clears us, no beam. we are going ahead and skipping the last half of the 270 deg of kin 6.20. we are going to 6.22

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2