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    User name P. Solvignon

    Log entry time 23:41:13 on July28,2003

    Entry number 107790

    keyword=New Shower-Preshower calibration

    The calibration of the right arm preshower-shower detector is done.
    I updated the file 'shower_calib.dat'.
    I used kinematics 6.10 run# 2844 to do the calibration.

    The figures are from kin. 6.11 run# 2870.
    The first figure:
    red curve is E/P with cerenkov cut (200 green curve is E/P with anti_cerenkov cut (cer>10000000) = pions

    The second plot is preshower versus shower with cerenkov cut (200

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2