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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 02:58:08 on July29,2003

    Entry number 107841

    keyword=DAQ problems, part 1

    during left arm run 22969, we noticed that the deadtime was 32%! the T3 rate was ~1.5K w/ prescale of 1. for runs 22970-22973, the deadtime was about 10% with a T3 of 500Hz.

    the during left and right arm runs 22975/2975, both the DAQs had problems. the deadtime was 100% in both and it appeared that no data was being taken. runcontrol for both said something about some component not responding after xxx seconds. tried to kcoda for both. the left arm seems to be fine now. the right arm isn't. we tried to reboot the right arm crates. once rebooted, the right arm runcontrol "Download" failed. see next entry