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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 11:51:36 on July29,2003

    Entry number 107974

    keyword=Some fixes to HAPPEX DAQ software

    I found the source of our "runnumber not incrementing" problem. We've grown accustomed to being able to run more than one runcontrol GUI to monitor the status, as well as stopping and ending runs. This unfortunately has to stop, because it results in the run number not incrementing in the CODA MSQL Database. This has the effect of the GUI showing that the run number has changed... but this is the only place where it does (filenames and halog entries stay the same).

    ONLY ONE runcontrol must be running for the HAPPEX DAQ. This may be the same for the Left and Right Spectrometer DAQs (ONLY ONE runcontrol for each arm).

    I've written some code, for the HAPPEX DAQ, that makes sure only one runcontrol is running (locks out more than one from spawning). The warning GUI that I wrote (previous halog entry) should also pop up if the run number doesn't increment.